Display IT & Green IT

We at BOIS Technology will continue to be a customer-oriented company and to promote the newest technology innovation to our customer of different industrial sectors


BOIS Technology is a specialized trading company focused in the science and technology of display information and green information (Display IT & Green IT) .

At BOIS Technology, we strive to provide our customers with the next generation solution and the most forefront Information and Technologies.

BOIS Technology strives to provide our customers with the next innovative solution, under the industrial societies of the 21 century, today, by our value creation out of the most forefront Information and Technologies, as one of the enterprises, contributing to the societies and to the environmental protection of the earth as well.

Our company name, BOIS (Borderless Organization of Industrial Science) represents our principles to retrieve the latest Information and Technology in the specified industries as in Displays and Environmental Protection, as a specialized trading company, regardless of the borders or boundaries and, to thoroughly provide the advanced technology and the related know-how to our global clients.

We, BOIS Technology, will continue to rely on our understanding of material science and technology to collaborate with the relevant industries, on a customer-oriented company, to address the market needs of today and tomorrow.

Managing Director
Takeshi Oba