Now a display shows not only a interface of information but also eyes of the cameras. we are follow ing the EYER it self of deice witch is compact Camera Modules

1. Back light

We are supplying various kinds of backlights from monochrome, color, thin, and special shaped to highly reliable ones for automotive use. By combining with FPD to produce modules with backlights, Designing of light source or modules will become simple and easy.

2. Harnesses

Harness is to connect between driving IC and driving machine. We propose those harnesses mainly to the automotive application.

3. Switches, Connectors

FPC jacks and switches are the other connector parts, apart from the harnesses. We provide the customized products of FPC and also the EMS service of connecting parts including SMT processing.

4. Plastics Casing

The final phase of the product is casing to cover the peripherals parts. We provide customized shaped casings.