Starting from the EPC business for LCD production plant, we have been cooperating with our partner LCD manufacturers to provide good quality of service and innovative technology to our customers all over the world since 1996.

Many customers adopted our proposal on LCD devices into the various markets such as consumer products, industrial products, medical applications, and the application of civil service which requires high reliability of products. We have been receiving good feedback about our service from those market users. Also, we are providing our services to the transportation applications such as aircrafts and vessels. In particular, we have been supported by customer worldwide for more than decades regarding the automotive applications for air-conditioning systems, meters, and audio equipments.

Not only limited to the display, we have expanded our scope of supply to the peripheral equipment including touch panels, back lights, camera modules and driving circuits so that we are able to provide total support related to the display.


Our mission is to provide the innovative display solution to the worldwide market together with our partner display manufacturers by developing the new manufacturing solutions.